The Foundation

“I want to make a difference in my community.”
~ Alajawan Brown

The mission of the Alajawan Brown Foundation is to continually expand the work started in the spirit of 12 year old Alajawan Brown who selflessly gave of himself, his time, and resources – just to make a difference in the most important aspect of his community: PEOPLE.

Before the Foundation formally existed, the community was brought together for the Alajawan Brown Community Family Reunion. This reunion took place April 29, 2012 at 7-Eleven, the date and place of his demise.  During this fun and love-filled event, “family members” from all walks of life enjoyed live entertainment, barbeque, mashed potatoes, corn, and string beans.  Sam’s Club donated bottled water, while Titu, the then owner of 7-Eleven provided small fountain drinks.  It was then, that Louis and Ayanna Brown, Alajawan’s parents, announced their desire to carry on their son’s legacy by starting the Foundation.

The Foundation, doing business as Alajawan’s Hands, also provides scholarships for children to participate in sporting activities or attend camps, who otherwise may not be able to due to financial restraints.

A bigger goal of Alajawan’s Hands is to open a community center to service Skyway and the surrounding communities that make up West Hill.  To achieve this, the Foundation is in need of funds and a safe facility – to include office spaces, conference rooms, a kitchen, restrooms, and plenty of room for different activities for the children.  It is proposed that the community center will be recognized as a safe haven for our youth, and a resource for our families.  They will have mentors who understand them; tutors to help them with their studies; and will be exposed to different opportunities to keep the mission going: make a difference in our community. Who is our community?  Me. You. Us. The PEOPLE.

Please help us in any way you can to help us get, and keep, this going.  We all say we want change. What are we waiting for?