Alajawans’s Groove

Join us live all day April 29, 2020.  This year’s Community Family Reunion had to be re-planned due to the social distancing mandate.  This Reunion was going to be epic, as it was going to be our first ever extended concert.  We were going to treat everyone to all genres of music, presented by our talented local community members.  Just because we have to stay home to stay safe, doesn’t mean that we can’t all still be together. With so much literal distance between us because of social distancing, this is the perfect way for us all to be together on a potentially nationwide level!   Let’s see how far and wide we can make Alajawan’s Groove spread.  So this is what I want and need all of you to do:

1. Spread the word! Tell everyone to turn to social media, particularly Facebook, on April 29th. (But tell everyone on Twitter and Instagram too!)

2. Everyone be a part of the concert.  Go Live or upload a video of you singing and/or playing an instrument.

3. Make sure to tag Alajawan’s Hands Facebook page.

4. When you upload use #AlajawansGroove, #10YearsInTheMaking, and #The state you’re in, for example, #TX

Since this is a family affair, let’s keep the music clean. And please make sure to add the disclaimer “I do not own the rights to this music” if you are performing a piece that is not your own composition.

Looking forward to us grooving together!!!