Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Alajawan Brown Scholarship is to assist youth who want to participate in sporting activities, attend camps, or other life enhancing events that they might not be able to, due to financial restrictions.  By doing this, youths will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills, teamwork, conflict resolution, communication skills, and sportsmanship; all while reaping the health benefits of being active.

At the beginning of the year, or as necessary, the ABSF Board shall meet to decide the amount of the funds, the number of awards to be given, and the amount of the awards.  The Board will then make the announcements to youth sporting/camp entities of the funding that will be available and the procedures for applying.

Priority of the awarding of the fund will be as follows:

Awards shall be given on a “first come-first served” basis.

The ABSF Board will set the guidelines for the due date of applications and the awarding criteria.

The ABSF Board will approve/disapprove all request at the regular Board meeting following the receipt of the requests.

Upon Board approval of the award, the ABSF Treasure will disperse the funds as follows:

  1. If the award is to participate in sports or camp, the applicant will provide their registration expenses associated with participating in said activity.  Once provided, the awards will be paid directly to the organization hosting said activity.  The payment will be predetermined and will not exceed the stated amount.  The payment can be less than the stated amount depending on the total for the receipts received.
  2. All other awards will be paid directly to the proprietor on behalf of the applicant upon the ABSF Treasurer being presented with the evidence of actual costs (invoice, registration, acceptance, etc).

At the final ABSF Board Meeting, the ABSF President will announce the number of each award, the amount of the award, and what it was used for.  The names of the recipients shall remain confidential; unless permission is given for publicity seeks.

Download Application Form Here. Note this is in pdf format – you can also download the free software, Acrobat Reader, here.